The largest producer of dates in the world is Iraq, dates are also grown in many other middle east countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya, Morocco etc. In India dates are grown along the western states of Gujarat, Maharastra, Kerala, Rajasthan & Tamil Nadu.
The soil in Telangana & the climatic conditions are conducive to the growth of Date Palm Trees, dates are in high demand through out the year and command a high price for its high nutritional value, although it is a fruit it has a long shelf life and does not get spoilt easily.
A date palm Tree produces 160 to 200 Kgs of Dates & upto 60 trees can be grown on 1 Acre of land. The prices of Dates are between 150 to 300 per Kg. The high production along with the high price makes date farming a very profitable business investment.
We at Sampangi Bio farms Pvt Ltd. have deeply researched the market for Dates in India, Dates consumption is wide spread in the country and this provides us with an opportunity to get multiple returns on investment for many years in the future.

High Return on Investment with Dates Plantation at The Palm Valley Narayankhed